100% Natural Konjac Facial Sponge with Activated Bamboo Charcoal

I love to clean my face with something that enables me to “scrub” dead cells off at the same time. I usually use an oatmeal scrub for texture, but I’ve been looking for something else.

I’ve been reading  up on Activated charcoal for skin and like what I’ve read:

Activated Bamboo Charcoal powder is amazing for skin health and is great at attracting & absorbing toxins, impurities, harmful substances, dirt & grime & is amazing for skin issues & acne.


Putting it in a sponge makes it easy to use and store too. In steps the pureSol Konjac Facial Sponge with Activated Bamboo Charcoal. It has activated charcoal for gentle exfoliating, deep cleansing, and improved skin texture. There are no chemicals, parabens, sulphates, fragrances or coloring.

Some other facts:

  •  This sponge is extremely soft and gentle for everyday skin care and great for all skin types.
  • Brighter looking skin from the gentle massage that stimulates blood flow.
  • The added BAMBOO CHARCOAL contains activated carbon and essential minerals to deeply cleanse to prevent blackheads and breakouts.


It comes dry like a hard loofah, and before each use,  you simply soak it until soft & use it on your face.  You don’t even need to use a cleanser, but you can if you want for added benefit.  After using, simply rinse off the sponge and hang it up on the included suction cup hook to dry & be ready for your next use.

Will I be using this sponge again? You bet! It’s simple and easy to use and store. As I say, I love anything that leaves my skin soft and younger looking. And especially if it’s easy to do too!

Get your own here on Amazon.

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Keep glowing: beauty in the face of adversity

When you have a hectic lifestyle, the serene and practiced skincare routine that was once your half hour of relaxation and recharge, can slip down the priority charts and irrevocably out of sight. With small children to herd and a household to maintain, beauty time is often sorely neglected. That is, until one day, you catch sight of yourself in the mirror. Pores enlarged, straying eyebrow hairs and dull, lustreless skin resolve you decide that enough is enough: it’s time for some skin discipline. Here are some quick tips for shoehorning the beauty back into your day.

Never skip cleansing woman-with-cotton-cleaning-face

It doesn’t matter if you tumble into bed in the small hours of the morning and you have to be up at 6am. You wouldn’t consider crawling between the sheets without cleaning your teeth first, so afford your face the same kindness. If cotton buds and bottles of face cleanser are too elaborate for your time frame, keep a pack of facial wipes in the bedside drawer at all times to wake up feeling nice and fresh. For an optimum, clear and glowing complexion, cleanse twice a day, exfoliate once a week and moisturize, often!


If you can only salvage half an hour each day to unwind with a hot cocoa and a book, or to watch that favorite TV show, keep a mini emergency beauty kit somewhere handy, and top up your pampering as you do so. Use the time to pluck those unruly brows, give yourself a mini facial, or moisturize your hands and tame your cuticles. It’s amazing what can be achieved throughout the course of one episode of American Idol.

Play the long game

The daily choices you make gradually add up to the complexion you crave, and won’t take any time out of your busy day. Switch hyper-caffeinated drinks and sugary juices for a cold glass of water. Snack on skin-loving fruit and nuts; blueberries, walnuts and avocado will give you the kind of glow that can’t be faked.

Just because your life is demanding, it doesn’t mean your skincare has to be. Avail yourself of every beauty shortcut necessary to get your skin back in shape, and you’ll soon reclaim your glow.

School wall quotes and decals – a creative way of teaching

Teachers play a major role in framing the future of many children by sharing their knowledge with the children. There are many attractive ways of arranging the classroom creatively by considering the child age by the large magic stickers selection.

3 Wall decal Paris
Schools are the place where the walls play a major role in enhancing the creativity, wonders and imagination. These come only through designing the walls of the class rooms through the school wall decals and quotes. It is specially in the case of younger children who learn most of the things through seeing the things rather than through teaching. Its difficult hang up everything on the wall as it may lead to the damage of the wall. So by keeping all these factors in mind, majority of the school faculties has found a great way of designing the walls of the class rooms with educational quotes and decals that motivates the children to learn creatively and keeps the walls of the room free from damage. Not only for schools, there are also love quotes for interior house or bedrooms to bring love and warm.


Advantages of school wall decals and quotes

Schools wall decals have become one of the great ways of educating the children creatively. The children feel very inspired and motivated with the place where they are learning. School can give order for the decals for the outer building. These school wall decals can be easily put up on the wall and in case if required can be easily removed as well. The main advantage of these school wall decals are, it reduces the burden of the teachers.

ballet wall decal
Once I had visited my child school for the meeting purpose. I really felt very happy by seeing the atmosphere of the classroom; it was filled with educational quotes and decals which give inspiration to the students. This is the creative way of making the children to better way that lasts for a longer period of time in their memory. These school wall quotes and decals are worth and available at reasonable rates for the schools. By adopting this methodology of teaching, the schools are preparing future leaders of this society as children as considered as building blocks of the nation. I recommend every school to adopt this methodology of teaching.
For the primary or middle school aged children, nature is the good theme to start for arranging the classroom. I found many antique items and shells that are found near the beaches were hung up on the wall. Some children who don’t have an opportunity to visit the beach can have a look at it. In the higher class students I found the subject related charts and quotes and related educational items were hung up on the wall.

large flower wall decal

 School wall quotes

Once in an article I had read that, the environment of the classroom that you teach will tell you the type of teacher you are. On a whole class rooms defines the personalities of the teacher. The Way of arrangement of your classroom with school wall quotes and other educational related charts will not impress students but also the visitors.
Some of us might think that these things are of less importance in the way of teaching and doesn’t make much difference. But for an effective way of teaching all these factors are to be considered. These school wall quotes are very much compatible in learning environment. With a good motivational atmosphere inside the class room and can student’s behavior in positive aspect. Educational quotes and posters is the key factor to effective learning and teaching strategies.

large tree wall decal
You can also make use of word editor to give an effective look to the quotes inside the classroom so that children get easily attracted towards it.

Fight that aging! Bonapiel’s Anti-Aging Moisturizer with Matrixyl (Review)

 I am a moisturizer-wrinkle-sagging- and age-fighting-cream-buying junkie. If it claims to fight wrinkles, dryness, sagging and anything else that fights signs of aging, I’m there!
Because of that, I have a drawer full of products claiming to do such. Some work well, while others don’t. Lately, I’ve been doing alot of research on natural stuff and trying to “up’ my vitamins. One thing that I haven’t thought of is adding all these wonderful items to my skin.
Bonapiel’s Anti-Aging Moisturizer with Matrixyl contains some awesome ingredients that I have come across in my research, so I was very curious to see if this one would work.
I learned that this moisturizer contains the following:
Vitamin C – adds a glow to your skin-and good for you too.
Vitamin E – antioxidant that repairs skin and keeps it hydrated.
Matrixyl 3000 Peptide-  amino acids that help stimulate skin to produce more collagen.
Hyaluronic Acid- helps hydrate   to make skin softer and smoother-better than botax!
One thing that really surprised me is the minty smell that not only smells great, but makes your skin feel great as well. I’m one to not like greasy creams, so I was pleasantly surprised to find this one light and not greasy at all.  It comes out using a pump, which also helps to conserve the cream and not contaminate it as well.
 I’ve been using for about a week now and really like what it has done for my skin. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I grab is my moisturizer because I hate how dry my face feels. After a few days, I realized that I wasn’t grabbing for the bottle!
I have noticed some lines slowly disappearing around my eyes, so I’m anxious to see what it will look like in a month. Even if that’s all for the line reduction, I’m still happy with the softness it gives my face.
I see myself investing in another bottle once my free bottle is gone because it would be well worth it!
Get your own bottle on Amazon here.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Abigail and Jungle Adventure

Written by Tali Carmi and illustrated by Mindy Liang, Abigail and the Jungle Adventure is a great book for children ages 2- 8 children.  My youngest (nine) read this book to her niece and nephews and with the easy to read text and  colorful illustrations, it was easy for all of them to enjoy it.

In this 29 page children’s book, you learn about a little girl named Abigail who found a magical bike in her grandparent’s house. Her magical bike takes her to the Amazon Jungle-how fun!

It starts with Abigail visiting her Grandparent’s.  Abigail finds her way up to the attic while they are asleep and finds lots of  treasures in the attic, among them being a red bike and an old book that has pictures from all around the world inside. While looking through the book Abigail finds a phrase on the last page that states that if she repeats the phrase a magical tour will begin!!


Soon, Abigail is flying on the bike through the Amazon Jungle! She sees different amazing animals like a toucan, jaguar cub and monkeys. Then, she meets  a little Indian boy named Nuka. Nuka joins Abigail on her adventure and have lots of fun. This fun children’s book includes an extra surprise-a fun interactive kit to play with when you are done reading the book.

 We just loved stories of fantasy and adventure and this little book a great story line to it. Abigail will take your child on a great journey and help them find their imagination along the way!

You can get your own copy of Abigail and the Jungle Adventure on Amazon.com here.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

DIY Tablet Holder/Dry Erase Board: Guest Post DIY Mother


Hi everyone! I’m Olivia from DIY Mother! Tess is letting me share one of my DIY projects that might help you when you’re trying to make an involved recipe in the kitchen…a tablet holder! When I get the time to make a drawn out recipe, I find myself constantly grabbing my phone, asking myself “was it two tablespoons or two teaspoons?” Every time.

I figured it was high time I made myself a proper tablet holder so that my hands could finally be free to cook or bake. An added bonus is that I can also listen to songs or watch videos while I’m cleaning.

It was really easy to make, and pretty cheap as well. The best part: when you’re not using it as a tablet holder, it doubles as a dry erase board for a grocery list or general notes. Love notes, preferably. I don’t know about you, but I’m all about multi-purpose and multi-use things.

I’d love to know what you think! If you’re interested in any of my other projects, feel free to visit DIY Mother!

What you’ll need:


For the dry erase board:
10″ x 14″ piece of glass/glossy tile (I chose marble)
2″ x 6″ radius cap (also in the flooring section)
Silicone adhesive

*For the base/easel:
(3) 6 inch pipes
2 nipples
3 elbows
1 T-connector
2 caps

*All in plumbing section

1. First, use the silicone adhesive and attach it to your tile. It will need to cure for 24 hours until it’s finally set, so resist temptation and leave it to dry!

IMG_4662 (1280x833)

2. While your adhesive is curing, start working on the “easel” that will hold the tile. Putting the plumbing parts together is super easy, but I think it would better to show you with pictures instead of try to explain all of the parts.


IMG_4641 (1280x853)

3. Once your easel is assembled, I would suggest spray painting it gold or silver. I didn’t spray paint mine because I actually prefer the mixed metal look.


4. Once your adhesive has cured, you’re all finished!

Here it is as a tablet holder:

IMG_4706 (869x1280)

And here it is as a dry erase board:

IMG_4757 (1280x853)

IMG_4676 (1280x865)

Doing a “CartWheel” for Target’s Purex Coupon

Get started on your Back-to-School shopping, with the help of some awesome coupons!  We are faithful Target shoppers as you know, so whenever Target has a special coupon offer, I’m there!


Now through the end of August, get 10% off any Purex detergent at Target stores with a #Cartwheel coupon!

Us this link to download the coupon and be one step closer to awesome savings.

Label obsession and a giveaway #Kidecal ends 8/19

I am a big label mom. Meaning,  I’m always labeling everything I can around the house. I even put labels on the food in the fridge. I want to know what is what, and whose stuff is whose.


When I  was given the chance to check out kidecals, I was excited. I could actually “design” my own labels, or stickers I guess you would call them. I spent alot of time on the site looking to see exactly what I wanted.

They have so many different styles of decals, like container labels,  clothing decals, camp labels, wall decals, etc. I liked so many things but  I knew I couldn’t order everything, so I decided since school was going to be starting, I would go with the girl decals for my daughter, Emily’s school stuff.

We finally picked this design:


I thought it was so cute!

It didn’t take very long to get them and the packaging was just as cute as the labels. Emily quickly stuck her stickers on all of her stuff. Here shows one on her backpack.


Now, if you are like me and you like to “label” everything, you need to check Kidecal.com out. Here’s a little help for you to be able to get lots of fun decals of your own:

Get 15% off any order:

Discount Code:  ilovelabels
Just apply it at the end of the check out process!
Win it:
Win a $29 voucher to spend at kidecal.com!
Ends: 8/19
Ages 18+

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Courtesy of: Kidecals